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Mar 25, 2024 - Jul 25, 2024

Quantum Shadow Work Program

  • 123Days
  • 29Steps


This program is designed to heal your shadow self, faster than a regular shadow work program and includes the following: - PDF Worksheets & Homework Assignments - Current Lifetime Karma Clearing - Peace Of Mind - Expansion in Consciousness - Distortion Clearings - Shift In Perspectives - Faster Healing Than Normal Shadow Work - Inner Child Intergration & Healing - Emotional Body Realignment - Self-Esteem & Confidence Booster - Breathwork Exercises - Value Of Self-Worth THIS PROGRAM BEGINS MARCH 25, 2025 EVERY MONDAY AT 1 PM CST. ALL CLASSES ARE HELD VIA ZOOM. LINK SENT VIA EMAIL.

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Quantum Shadow Work Program, $250.00/month

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