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Our Classes

  • True Kings

    Every month
    For the True kings who seek council, this is that council.
    Valid for 4 months
    • 4 Month Program
    • Live Ceremony and Weekly Q&A
    • Acquiring tools to help navigate the burdens of life.
  • New Course

    Quantum Shadow Work Program

    Every month
    This program is designed to heal your shadow self faster than a regular shadow work program.
    Valid for 4 months
    • PDF Worksheets & Homework Assignments
    • Current Lifetime Karma Clearing
    • Piece Of Mind
    • Expansion in Consciousness
    • Distortion Clearings
    • Shift In Perspectives
    • Faster Healing Than Normal Shadwork
    • Inner Child Intergration & Healing
    • Emotional Body Realignment
    • Self-Esteem & Confidence Booster
    • Breathwork Exercises
    • Value Of Self-Worth
  • Membership

    Every month
    Welcome to
    • Access To The Site
    • All Access To Free Forums
    • All Access To Free Groups
    • One Free Monthly Activation
    • Exclusive Lives

All Sales are Final! No Refunds or Exchanges. You must commit to the 4 months as you cannot exit the course.

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