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  • Ancestral Elevation

Ancestral Elevation


This is where we go in and clear out the karma for your entire ancestral line. Curses, illnesses, sicknesses, diseases, any kind of abuse whether domestic and sexual assualt, molestations anything that should not be in the bloodline and it is for both your mother and fathers side of the family.


The karma between the client and the living family members will also be cleared. They will also get a elevation and they can rewrite their stories in the akashic record. So you no longer suffer the curses of the bloodline and all offspring will be free and cleared.


You must get clearance prior to purchasing so send an email via the website requesting clearance for the Ancestral Elevation.



  • There are no refunds on services no exceptions and once you pay you agree to these terms.

    There is a 75.00 no show fee that will be added if you do a no show. If we schedule you again and you do a no email, no show it will be a forfeit fee of an additional 75.00 and no consultation. If you cannot make it make sure you send an email 24 hours in advance.


  • Warning: All sessions require clearance you must provide your full birth name and you must request clearance via the contact us section of the website. If you do not request clearance prior to purchase you will forfeit your money if you do not receive clearance all sales are final.

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