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  • Healing The Divine Feminine Osun Full Moon Ritual

Healing The Divine Feminine Osun Full Moon Ritual


We welcome all of the Goddesses and mothers and daughters to our first Osun Full Moon healing ritual. We named this after the moon goddess and river deity Osun, which is my mother.


This ritual will take place on Zoom on July 21st, 2024, 8pm CST, the night of the wolf full moon. This beautiful ceremony will assist the women to connect to their divine feminine on a much deeper level. Most of us have been unbalanced and have been operating out of our masculine for a very long time.


This ritual will assist in helping you let go of trauma due to molestation, rape, being abused by a masculine, or a woman who has dominant masculine energy. Release the feelings of not being seen or heard or valued. It will help you with any kind of sexual abuse and trauma you have suffered while reconnecting your true self back to your divine feminine self.


We will have Imprint Removal, Chord Cutting Rituals, Guided Meditation,Divine Feminine Womb Activation, Full Body Spiritual Cleanse, Realigning The Sacral Chakra, Full Heart Chakra Release and Activation Osun Channeling Message.


The goddess Osun will be present during this ceremony and will be assisting as well as well will deliver a message to you all from her.


Please bring yellow flowers and wear white and a head covering for this ceremony. You will feel the effects, so make sure you are physically clean prior to joining the ceremony.

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