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  • IFA Readings

IFA Readings


Ifa reading are the type of spiritual consultations that heals and assists in helping you change your life for the better. I am the initiated priest with 25 years of experience that will conduct the readings and complete the spiritual work (ebo) that comes out in the reading for an individual.


Spiritual work is required to bring in the blessings or remove any issues that could hinder your life and that will be a separate cost.


Note- The ancestral readings do not require spiritual work but the IFA readings do.


All readings are available and I do not do all of the readings listed on this site. My daughter Egbe does the Ancestral readings and so does Princess Makeda. They are both excellent for ancestral communication. They will be able to communicate with your ancestors and give you the messages and guidance from your ancestors that is needed to assist you on your journey.

  • There are no refunds on services no exceptions and once you pay you agree to these terms.

    There is a 75.00 no show fee that will be added if you do a no show. If we schedule you again and you do a no email, no show it will be a forfeit fee of an additional 75.00 and no consultation. If you cannot make it make sure you send an email 24 hours in advance.

  • Warning: All sales are final and you will need to get clearance prior to purchasing. Should you purchase the service without clearance and it turns out you are not cleared you will not get your money back!! You agree to these terms once payment is made. Send us an email via the contact us section of our website. Put in subject header clearance and for which service you want clearance for.

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