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  • Quantum Karmic Cleanse 5

Quantum Karmic Cleanse 5


What is the Quantum Karmic Cleanse Program? It is basically a program that assists you in aligning with yourself in your totality. We help align you with your higher selves and help you get on path to your destiny. This program is designed to assist you in your healing journey and it is a true initiation to self. You are so much more than the physical body that you see. This program will help you realize the endless possibilities of what you can accomplish and achieve.


Phase 5: is where you will be trained on how to connect to your various higher selves. You will teach them things that you have learned and vice versa. Remember there are various different versions of yourself that you can connect to and learn from even your lower versions of yourselves. The point is to align you with all of you in it's totality.


If you did not get a clearance from Isis we ask that you please do
not pay for the service until you get an email of clearance from her. Keep in mind that you will go on a list and this is not a rush program.

  • There are no refunds on services no exceptions and once you pay you agree to these terms.

    There is a 75.00 no show fee that will be added if you do a no show. If we schedule you again and you do a no email, no show it will be a forfeit fee of an additional 75.00 and no consultation. If you cannot make it make sure you send an email 24 hours in advance.


  • Warning: All sessions require clearance you must provide your full birth name and you must request clearance via the contact us section of the website. If you do not request clearance prior to purchase you will forfeit your money if you do not receive clearance all sales are final.

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