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Stargate Services


Stargate Quantum Body Optimization - Stargate Quantum Body Optimization: This is where we will access certain Stargates to fully restore your body and optimize it on a galactic level. Repairs Aura Nodes, optimizes your hearing, cleanses and restores all chakras to the original state it should be in. Repairs all and aligns all 4 bodies.


Soul Blue Print Alignment - This is where we align you with your soul blue print. It literally places you on the path that your soul is destined to align with. Very powerful experience.

  • Warning: All sales are final and you will need to get clearance prior to purchasing. Should you purchase the service without clearance and it turns out you are not cleared you will not get your money back!! You agree to these terms once payment is made. Send us an email via the contact us section of our website. Put in subject header clearance and for which service you want clearance for.

  • There are no refunds on services no exceptions and once you pay you agree to these terms.

    There is a 75.00 no show fee that will be added if you do a no show. If we schedule you again and you do a no email, no show it will be a forfeit fee of an additional 75.00 and no consultation. If you cannot make it make sure you send an email 24 hours in advance.

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