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  • Status Correction Course

Status Correction Course


Status correction course - Correct your status from Citizen to National and become free as you were intended to be. This is a pre-recorded class and only 18 forms will be given. The other 6 forms are tax forms which can be found at the website. This course gives you step by step instructions on how to properly fill out the documents and where to properly file them. All you are doing is updating your records within the system to reflect your new political and civil status.


30 minute consultation - This consultation is with Isis and it is strictly for those looking to get assistance on the private side of law. I do not do readings in this consult so please don't ask.

  • There are no refunds on services no exceptions and once you pay you agree to these terms.

    There is a 75.00 no show fee that will be added if you do a no show. If we schedule you again and you do a no email, no show it will be a forfeit fee of an additional 75.00 and no consultation. If you cannot make it make sure you send an email 24 hours in advance.


  • Warning: All sessions require clearance you must provide your full birth name and you must request clearance via the contact us section of the website. If you do not request clearance prior to purchase you will forfeit your money if you do not receive clearance all sales are final.

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