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Why Now?

Source revealed to me about a month ago that the collective has decided to heal. In order to heal, you have to confront your shadow side. That means energetically if the collective decided to heal, it

means they agreed to have their shadow exposed.

We are out of the age of Pisces, which was the age of deception, where you could keep things hidden. This can no longer be done. Does this make any of you feel uncomfortable? It should be because healing is never comfortable.

Some folks got shaken to the core the other day, and it's because they built their whole construct based around a lie. When your foundations begin to shake, it can be a very scary thing.

We judge other people's shadows as if we don't have any. Like some how because some of us don't deal with or have certain experiences they are some how better than others. You are no different. You just never seen yourself. Most people don't ever see themselves and how they come off to others.

Anger, an over inflated ego, projections, insulting others, telling lies, narcissism, spreading division, etc. are all traits and characteristics that will never allow you to ascend. Pretending that your shadow is just fine the way that it is without healing, it will not allow you to move forward.

It's a judgment you and you alone brought down upon yourself. Nobody outside of you has done this, but you. As source has so clearly broke it down to me. The only judgment that humanity suffers from is their own judgment of themselves.


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May 04

This message resonates, thank you ma'am 💫


Your words are true and clear. Yes, Shadow work is much needed to heal one's true self. Much gratitude for your words 😇


Greetings abundance and prosperity to you all universal family, one infinite divine universal multidimensional love frequency to you and yours SELAH 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾


Gratitude empress🙏🏽🌹❤️

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